Donate To Fiona’s Go Fund Me

Donate To Fiona’s Go Fund Me

Posted by on Oct 26, 2017 in Blog

Donate To Fiona’s Go Fund Me

Fiona had a great season in 2015/2016, and she’s making great progress in 2017.

Her intention is to compete in 10 tournaments this season, in various cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and Cairo.

Fiona is looking to raise money to help her travel and compete in these major tournaments across the world and would use it to pay for flights.

Fiona commented: “I really want to continue playing on the tour and keep working towards my target of breaking into the world top 10 but I need to compete in these tournaments in order to achieve this.”

It would mean everything to me if I could raise this money so I can compete in these 10 tournaments over the next 9 months.”

If any businesses are able to donate £250 or more she will personally tweet about their donation and post on her athlete page on Facebook too.

Thank you to everyone who is able to donate, however big or small… is much appreciated.

To donate to Fiona Moverley’s GoFundMe, please visit this page:

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